Features of 4shared that make it better than Dropbox/Google Drive


You think you know 4shared? Why, it’s the same old file sharing site that lets you upload and share your files with other people. Well if you think it’s still the same, go ahead and have another look, a little closer this time. 4shared has added a whole lot of new features including Cloud Storage, a Backup and Sync utility and much more. With the new features, 4shared has entered into the world of Cloud Services and is challenging its competitors by offering 15GB of free cloud space to its users.

The file sharing service has been working for quite some time to join the Cloud party and trying to become “The Best Cloud Service”. When you visit the website’s homepage, you are greeted with a similar search-for-a-file interface. However, when you sign up and login to your account, you see an entirely different interface. This interface is actually your own Cloudspace on 4shared.

Interface and Sign up

The sign up process was fast and easy, after which my 15GB storage was instantly allocated. The interface has a blue-white color and looks neat. It has a familiar 4shared search bar on top with a notification area and a gear icon where you can mange your account settings. The list of folders (created by you as well as the default ones) are available on the left pane in a tree type view. There is also a navigation bar below the search bar let you browse through the folders easily. The main panel shows the contents of the folder selected in the folder list. At the bottom left corner you can clearly view the amount of space allocated to you as well as the amount of space used up. The bottom left corner holds a small ad panel in free accounts.

Special Features

  • More Free Space: Normally, cloud storage services like Box, Dropbox and now Google Drive, provide up to 5GB of free cloud space. But 4shared provides users up to 15GB of free space. Thus, you get more storage. Also 4shared Premium users can expand their cloud space to 100GB.
  • Share files: 4shared lets you share your files and folders with other people directly from your account. You can share your files with either everyone on 4shared or you can choose specific recipients.
  • 4Sync: 4Sync is a downloadable program for your Android phone, iPhone/iPad, Mac or PC so that you can backup and sync your files from any device and access them anytime you like. Your data remains safe with 4shared. 4Sync requires users to log in to their accounts in order to sync/backup files and folders.
  • Data Protection: 4shared has joined McAfee Antivirus with its “Safety Partnership Program” to keep your data protected and secured.
  • 4shared music: 4shared has also started its own music streaming service both as a mobile app and a web app. The app can stream music on 4shared as well as the ones downloaded in your account.
  • iPhone Photo App: This app lets you take high quality photos and make them instantly available to your 4shared account. You can also browse through your photo albums whenever you like.
  • Combined Accounts: You can link your Google and Dropbox accounts with 4shared and get all your downloads from Gmail, Google Docs, Picasa and Dropbox directly into your 4shared account.
  • 4shared Desktop: This is a downloadable PC software to control and customize your 4shared account downloads from your desktop . This application also requires users to  login to their 4shared account to use it.
  • 4shared Toolbar: You can also optionally add a toolbar and get the best of 4shared directly from your browser. It comes along with an uninstaller and also include Internet Radio and lets you add custom apps from the Conduit App Marketplace. It also features Desktop notifications giving you the latest 4shared news.

Premium users have benefits like Expandable Storage (up to 100GB), Multiple Downloads, Ad free browsing, No download limits, Premium download speed, Instant downloads with support for accelerators with resume capability and more.

There is, however, one major problem. For the prevention of spam, Facebook has blocked 4shared. 4shared links cannot be shared directly on Facebook and this could potentially be a big blow to the website’s social integration features. 4shared links can only be shared on Facebook using URL shorteners. Even so, 4shared looks to be a great Cloud service and is definitely worth a try.

Go to 4shared and check out the new features.

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  • Armen

    I wonder if 4sync has the following features of dropbox:
    1) LAN sync
    2) A client for Linux OS?
    3) A client for Android?

  • anonymous

    4Shared, as the name implies, is a SHARING site…
    therefore, not suitable for CLOUD STORAGE…

    most people does not realize this, thus, when their mp3, porn, and software was uploaded, suddenly, due to DCMA or whatever, 4shared will suspend their account, and they wont be able to download THEIR OWN files…

    that’s the differences, that’s what happened…

    try googling, you shall see some frustraded banned user looking for solution to get their files back…