Today at 7Labs, we are going to start a whole new archive on Web development. It will contain a set of articles that will help you to set up and manage your own website/blog starting from scratch. It will cover all the information needed to build a complete website (including Server Setup, CMS, Domain information, SEO and frequently faced site related problems). We will be regularly updating this archive from time to time, so keep an eye out for updates.

Reasons for taking up this initiative

There are a lot of other websites that provide similar kind of information, but most of them don’t have a consolidated approach. Hence, some important and useful information stay unexplored until someone faces a problem and starts digging for solutions. Here, we will try to cover all the basic requirements for setting up a full-fledged website and explore some of the common problems faced by webmasters (website owners) in long term web management.

By sharing the knowledge of web development, we will try to help you to become a successful and responsible webmaster. Without proper knowledge and guidance, inexperienced webmasters are unable to manage their websites properly. Most of the time, they end up with a “web-junk” of contents lacking in quality and useful, productive information.

Browsing this archive

This archive will not provide you with information on all web related scenarios, but will help you to get a kick-start to whatever you want to build around the web. The initial articles will start with the basic requirements and concepts of the web, so that a beginner can understand. As we go further, however, we will gradually include more advanced topics so that even an experienced webmaster can find something useful.

Who are we?

We are a small team of engineers who have gained experience in web development over several years. We have faced a lot of problems in our course of time. By sharing our experiences and knowledge, we want to help others to make the web junk-free and more useful. We have learnt from our own mistakes and don’t want others to repeat them.


1. The World Wide Web – How it Works

2. Different Types of Websites

3. Selecting the type of Website and preferable CMS

4. Setting up your first Website

5. Getting started with Dynamic Websites

6. Deploying your Website on the Internet

More Content Coming Soon! 

Note: You can skip to any topic of your choice, but we recommend you to thoroughly read the topics under this archive to get the best out of it.