Typing on touch devices can be difficult for some people. While trying to type fast, we often misspell words or even strike on a wrong letter. This slows down typing considerably. Even conventional auto-correction tools are not accurate enough to track and correct every word as you type.

Fleksy - Happy Typing

Fleksy is a new iPhone app which is capable of auto- correcting words even if you have typed every letter incorrectly! Fleksy lets you type even without looking at the screen. In fact, it is being used by blind persons to type even faster than normal persons.

This revolutionary patent pending technology works by using the normal QWERTY keyboard and considers a combination of all possible letters to make up a word. It even takes the location of the keys into account. All this is coupled with what is being considered as the most powerful text prediction tool. So even if you have missed a particular key by even an entire row, Fleksy is powerful enough to auto-correct it to whatever you meant to type.

You can even opt for typing in full screen mode without a keyboard. The technology does not rely on accuracy of the words, it considers relative position of keys on a QWERTY keyboard. With powerful text prediction, Fleksy tries to create a virtual keyboard from the words you mean to type. For blind persons, the app provides the voice feature that repeats the words being typed, so he can confirm his text input.

To conclude, Fleksy reinvents typing on touch screen devices. The app is available for download from the Mac App Store now. So go get it, and change the way you used to type on your phone.

Available on the App Store