Yahoo has been known for having one of the oldest search engines of all time. Recently, the company has launched a new application that changes the way how web searches are performed. Meet Yahoo! Axis, a fast and better way to search stuff on the internet.

Yahoo! Axis offers fast see-as-you-type search results with thumbnail previews of the results. The results are shown almost instantly. Users can also browse through search results one after the other without needing to open web pages completely. The application also hosts a cool black user interface and the search results are displayed in a well organized manner.

Yahoo! Axis is available for iPhone, iPad and Desktop. Though the Desktop version is more of a browser toolbar and the iPhone version is a bit slow, the iPad version of the app is pretty smooth and enables users to get fast visual search results with additional video playback support and social integration. The iPhone and iPad app also supports multitasking, letting you carry out multiple searches at the same time. The iPhone app on the other hand suffers performance issues. It is considerably slow on iPhone though later versions can be improved.

The desktop version integrates into most browsers and adds a black search toolbar at the bottom of the browser. It also provides instant search results with thumbnail previews like the iPad app. However, it takes up a lot of  resources and slows down the computer, especially when there are a lot of open tabs. The browser plugin is available for most of the popular browsers.

Yahoo! Axis can also search images and image results can be displayed in thumbnail previews as well as full scale images. The most important feature of Axis is its ability to produce fast search results and the interactive UI. One can also share search history and bookmarks among various versions of the app

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Yahoo! Axis provides an interactive way to search through the web. The iPad app is really good and worth a try. The iPhone and Desktop apps have issues when it comes to performance, though later versions of the app may fix the problem of unresponsiveness.