Consider a scenario where you are working in your office when you suddenly realize that you need an information which is currently present in your home computer. You need something that can access your home computer via the internet. LogMeIn is a special Remote Desktop application which can remotely access your computers from anywhere in the world using only an internet connection and a web browser.

LogMeIn lets you have full control of your computer from the browser. This includes a remote desktop, which lets you see the controlled computer’s screen with the help of screenshots generated on every event. Additionally, you also have access to various Computer Management and Performance statistics. The remote file manager is able to access files on your system. It is also possible to view all running processes, change its priority or even kill them remotely.

Steps to set up LogMeIn

1. Visit the website and create a free LogMeIn account and verify your email (Optional).

2. Log in to your LogMeIn account.

3. Download and install the client on the computer you want to control.

4. Register your device in LogMeIn from the installed client and name your computer.

5. Make sure the same computer is connected to the internet and the client program is running on it.

6. Using another computer (connected to the internet, of course), open up the browser and go to the LogMeIn website and login to your account.

7. You’ll see a new device in your dashboard. The name of the client computer should be displayed.

8. Click on the computer name from the dashboard to enter into the Remote Access mode. You may need to provide credentials for your client computer.

9. Access different options of controlling the computer from the sidebar.

10. You can disconnect remote access by clicking on the Disconnect option (the last option on the sidebar) from the remote computer. The client will automatically go into idle mode.

LogMeIn is available for Windows and Mac computers.