EmuThreeDS is a Nintendo 3DS emulator for Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone based on Citra. It is still under development, but it is already capable of playing many popular 3DS games at a playable frame rate. 

Install EmuThreeDS on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch without jailbreak

Due to the strict policies of Apple’s App Store, traditional emulator apps like EmuThreeDS cannot be found on the platform. In typical scenarios, installing EmuThreeDS on your iPhone or iPad would involve either jailbreaking your device, a risky process with potential warranty and security concerns, or sideloading the app by obtaining the IPA file from a trusted source and self-signing it with a developer or temporary certificate.

Installing EmuThreeDS on iOS without the need to jailbreak or engage in complex self-signing procedures is now possible. This method bypasses the use of a computer and eliminates the hassles related to self-signing and sideloading IPA files.

EmuThreeDS Installation Without a Computer or Jailbreak

To install EmuThreeDS without jailbreaking your device, we will make use of BuildStore, a third-party app store for iOS. BuildStore serves as a reliable app repository for iPhone and iPad users, enabling the installation of apps from sources outside the App Store without requiring device jailbreaking or a computer.

BuildStore seamlessly handles the complexities associated with installing non-App Store apps on non-jailbroken devices, including the inconvenience of 7-day certificate expirations and other self-signing IPA file issues. Installing apps from BuildStore feels nearly as smooth as downloading from the official App Store.

EmuThreeDS is readily available through BuildStore, allowing you to install it on your iPhone or iPad without needing to jailbreak your device or worrying about certificate expiration problems. BuildStore operates as a subscription service with a monthly registration fee of $19.99 per device.

Note:BuildStore invests significantly in maintaining its app distribution infrastructure, and a substantial portion of the subscription fee contributes to sustaining the service.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for installing EmuThreeDS on your iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking:

  1. Sign up for a new BuildStore account and register your iOS device.
  2. On your registered iOS device, open Safari and visit the EmuThreeDS app page.
  3. Tap on the “Install” button.

EmuThreeDS will be installed on your registered iPhone or iPad, ready for use.

EmuThreeDS Features

EmuThreeDS is a potent emulator designed for iOS, offering the ability to run numerous Nintendo 3DS games at peak performance. Its features include:

  • Custom ROMs and Firmware: Support for custom ROMs and firmware, enhancing graphics and introducing new features.
  • Save and Load Game States: Easily save and resume your game progress at any point.
  • Interface Customization: Customize backgrounds, fonts, colors, and control layouts for a tailored experience.
  • Controller Compatibility: Seamlessly connect wired, wireless, or Bluetooth controllers for precise gameplay.

Is EmuThreeDS Safe to Install from BuildStore?

BuildStore maintains a content policy that mandates all applications on their third-party app store “MUST NOT harm the device or device owner.” According to BuildStore, their apps undergo internal review for the presence of malicious code and overall stability. A representative from the company reassured us, stating: “We guarantee that using the apps from BuildStore is safe for the device and users’ private data.”

Disclaimer:This article is intended solely as a knowledge base for installing EmuThreeDS on non-jailbroken iOS and iPadOS devices. 7labs is not liable for any misuse of the information provided herein.