Now you may not be unaware of the fact that today’s world revolves around this small gadget called mobile phone. And that too if you have a Smartphone then it is like a small version of a wild world in your hands. But, just by buying a so called Smartphone doesn’t make you a smart/power user. It totally depends on what you want to get done by your Smartphone. Here, I list some of the categories of functionality that you should consider before buying a Smartphone, or in case if you have already bought one, try to make most of it through these parameters.

10 smartest use of your Smartphone

Learning becomes fun

From wanting to learn a language to knowing a few new words to add spike to your vocabulary or even learning something as artistic as cooking or more seriously, painting. You just name it and you get like plethora of apps to start on your interest. I mean seriously, gone are the days when you used to search your old piles of books and magazines to refer to some piece of information. Now it’s just in your hands and pretty much saves you the effort. Moreover the interests don’t lose their continuity as you can’t just pile up your phone among other books. You have your phone, the apps make sure to update you on your interests through daily alerts unless you seriously don’t have any interest in your “interest” and uninstall the app! In which case, doing that makes you seem to have outsmarted your phone.


It’s a pretty simple, if you have Smartphone you want movies to be played in HD (720p, 1080p etc) quality without any hitches. For audio you want clear and smooth sound quality. If you don’t have a quality GPU, you feel left out because you don’t want to miss on all the fun today’s games carry or do you? Endless applications guarantee unlimited fun in offing. Not to forget unlimited file extensions that your phone should support. Just make sure that you don’t just buy a Smartphone because it’s called one.

Connectivity on the go

Do make sure you get all the connectivity options viz Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth and what not. Just going for 3G will be a huge blow on your pockets as the incurred cost may be Maria Sharapova high. What you want is an option in the form of Wi-Fi and not only a cellular network. That brings you back to the level of Shakira, i.e., less damage to your pocket.

Reading apps

This is for all those bookworms and who have this fetish to read everything. May it be news, technology stuff, and blogs? Some even buy or download eBooks (novels and magazine stuff) online and read them. You always want your phone to support proper app to do this. Cause this is literally the way to get smart.

This browser that browser

When has it not happened when you don’t see 2 Homo sapiens not fighting over which browser is the best. You also have an opinion and so you make sure what all browsers your phone supports to squeeze maximum juice out of it. It all depends on the user experience you have with that particular browser you are looking for.

The big multimedia war

“my phone has an 8 megapixel camera”, “mine has that with auto focus”, “mine has iSight technology” and so on. It is pointless to fight over this as it depends on what you want to do with the camera, a photog or a traveller will give more priority to camera quality over other features. Just make sure if you want to work around by editing images and taking great picturesque snaps or want to support all the formats to be supported, you go with the right choice of Cameraphone. In case you already have one, choose right type of applications which make your life easier. Not to mention there are endless options available for you to choose.

GPS… The world around you

Remember the old movies where you had a tracking receiver -transmitter device? Not anymore, now you have this cool GPS feature in your phone that makes you track each and everything. From finding nearby gas stations to hospitals. From Starbucks to uber cool restaurants. I mean literally everything! With the navigation system that GPS provides, you can set locations, even location based reminders. Suppose, you are stuck in a new place, and need directions to your destination. In comes GPS to rescue. So if you are a smart, power user do use this smart feature of your smart phone.

Net banking

This is the most prominent feature and one of my favourite. if you have it activated, you can view account balance, recent transactions, get bank statements, order cheques etc. as far as transactional processing is concerned, you can transfer funds, make payment to third parties, perform investment purchase or sale. You can also monitor all your accounts with a single application through account aggregation. Banking is lot more fun when done this way, the smart way!


Actually speaking, we have become more and more tech savvy (read lazy) and don’t want to go out and do stuff. Whether it’s buying appliances, apparels, shoes, gadgets… Everything. You don’t have to line up for movie tickets, or for paying bills. Managing all that through a phone is a helluva idea!

Enhanced features, enhanced power

This section is just like bonus for those who want to get things done in style. This is about Dock Support. if you have a high end Smartphone, you can use some add-ons in terms of dock devices, ranging from keypad (for clumsy typists), dock speakers (for thumping music), then there is this super cool game dock to convert your phone into a gaming console, etc. you add these and your device packs a punch.

As far as features are concerned they (developers) are going to throw down hundreds of them at you every day. NFC (Near Field Communication), self cleaning nanofibers, nanosensors etc.

This is just my view of getting the most out of your phone. But you should do your research before buying your tool; because there is lot more changing in technology every day.

What I mean to say is that buying a Smartphone in a low end range and expecting to deliver every time and everything would be really unfair and not too smart of you. Although, it totally depends on your needs. So choose your gadget wisely and make most of it. Above mentioned are a few cool ways to UTILIZE your Smartphone but I urge the readers to throw a few more cool ideas.