We all use a number of devices for connecting to the Internet. We use Broadband at home, Wi-Fi in offices, coffee shops, airports and other places; we use dongles while travelling or use internet on our phones. Phones nowadays have built-in 3G/4G. We have a lot of options to us for connecting to the Internet, but still we have to make a choice to use only one connection at a time; and we are left with limited speed.

Use Multiple Internet Connections Simultaneously

What if you could use a program that would combine the speed of all available networks and give you an enhanced internet connection? That’s where Connectify Dispatch steps in. Using a groundbreaking technology, Dispatch lets you connect and use all available internet connections simultaneously – be it WiFi, your 3G/4G enabled phone network or a high speed Ethernet line.

Dispatch lets you use two different Wi-Fi networks together. Just connect a USB Wi-Fi card along with the onboard Wi-Fi and Dispatch will connect to both the networks and give you combined speed and reliability.

Dispatch manages all your connected networks. If one network fails, Dispatch will automatically switch to the working networks and redirect all the traffic through the active networks. Once that network is up again, it switches back part of the traffic to that connection. All this happens seamlessly while you are working online.

BitTorrent users will be greatly benefited by Dispatch. Using multiple networks, BitTorrent downloads can occur at double, even triple speeds. The greater the number of active connections, the better and faster your internet will be.

Dispatch is now a project dependent on backers. The website displays a meter showing the total pledge amount and the goal amount to be pledged within a specific deadline (Friday Sep 7, 8:01am EDT). Load balancing multiple internet connections require costly devices. As such, the project will only be funded if the pledged amount crosses $50000.

However, backers get special offers from Connectify based on their pledged amount. To know more about these offers, visit the website. Contribution from backers will also help in the further development of the product. If you are interested to back the project,  you can do so on the same website.