Wondershare and iSkysoft are both product-based companies that create software utilities for video editing, media conversion, PDF editing, data recovery, smartphone data management, etc. In fact, some of these tools are powerful enough to achieve tasks that are otherwise thought to be unfeasible, such as iOS one-click System Recovery, or Backup-Restore WhatsApp chats, etc.

Difference between Wondershare and iSkysoft

But here’s the strange thing — if you have followed Wondershare and iSkysoft products closely, you’ll find that they almost have the same set of utilities: dr.fone Toolkit for iOS & Android – iSkysoft Toolbox for iOS & Android, PDFelement for Mac & Windows – PDF Editor Pro for Mac & Windows, Video Converter Ultimate for Mac & Windows – Video Converter for Mac & Windows. Some of their products, like Filmora, even have the same name!

Moreover, the comparable products from both of these companies even share similar UI Design. What’s the deal going on in here?

Well, we were recently reviewing an iSkysoft product, and its resemblance with the Wondershare counterpart (which we had incidentally used earlier), was quite striking. Both the products looked and felt exactly the same, just on different color schemes.

It was then that we decided to reach out to iSkysoft (as we were reviewing their product at that time), and asked them a direct question: What’s the difference between Wondershare and iSkysoft. At first, we were a bit skeptical about getting a straight answer, but the iSkysoft spokesperson was kind enough to clear all our doubts straight away. Here’s what the spokesperson has to say:

iSkysoft and Wondershare are from the same corporation, we share some core technology, but those two brands are operated by different marketing teams.

So, the next time you are caught up in a choice between iSkysoft and Wondershare, go for the one that appeals to you more. In the end, you’ll get a near-identical set of features and user experience, regardless of the choice you make.