We often encounter human verification (CAPTCHA) inside registration pages, comment sections, or any other kinds of submission forms. But, dealing with CAPTCHAs every time we try to fill out any forms, is a frustrating job. Sometimes, we do not recognize some letters in a certain CAPTCHA. Thanks to Rumola and Captcha Monster, you can now be relieved from filling up those annoying CAPTCHAs. These extensions are capable of automatically filling them up so that you don’t have to worry. Both of these are paid products but Captcha Monster is also available for trial.


Getting Rid Of CAPTCHA

Captcha Monster is available only for Mozilla Firefox as of now. To use this Add-on, submit your email under the Download tab. Follow the instructions in the email and register for a free trial or a paid license. Download the extension and install it on your browser.

You need to activate the extension by logging in to your account. To do this, open Firefox Menu >> Add-Ons >> Extensions. Find the Captcha Monster extension and click on Options. Now, enter your credentials (E-mail, Password)  and activate Captcha Monster. The toolbar will show Ready status. Henceforth, all pages will automatically be scanned for Captchas and solved within seconds.

Rumola is a similar extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It is a fully paid service and you need to buy it to obtain the credentials. Once you successfully complete the registration process, the extension will be activated and CAPTCHAs will be automatically solved.

Ok, so these extensions automatically scan and fill up CAPTCHAs. But doesn’t that mean the very use of CAPTCHAS is made useless? No, it doesn’t. Remember that the extensions only work after you login successfully to their service (where you have already been verified as a human).

Download & Install 

Captcha Monster (Firefox Only)

Rumola – bypass CAPTCHA (Chrome)