The power and reach of the Internet has exceeded its limits. With new and advanced web technologies, a demand for better and faster browsers keeps on increasing. As such the list of available internet browsers keep growing. But even so, Google Chrome continues to be the best internet browser available today.

Close Competitions

The close competitors of Chrome are mainly Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 and more recently Internet Explorer 10 too. All these browsers offer a decent user interface. Firefox and Chrome are available for all three major platforms (MS Windows, Apple Mac and Linux). Internet Explorer on the other hand are available for Windows users only.

Google Sync

You can also sync up your Chrome by logging into your Google account. This helps you to keep your Chrome across many devices. Just enable Sync by going to Settings (from the Spanner icon) and Signing in. Your Chrome will be restored to the last synced state once you are signed in.

Multiple Users

With Chrome, you can maintain multiple number of users with separate user sessions. You can have different settings for each user on the same PC.

Performance and Stability

Google Chrome Browser is based on the lightweight Webkit Engine which gives better support for Javascript rendering. It is also a stable browser and crashes very rarely. The webpages load faster than most other browsers.  Another great feature is Google Chrome’s better support for SPDY (a replacement for HTTPS for faster load times) enabled websites. Although the latest version of Firefox also supports SPDY, since SPDY is developed by Google, Chrome can handle SPDY requests in a better way.

Modern Web Support

Chrome supports HTML5 and CSS3 better than most other browsers. Additionally, it supports Audio playback with Web Audio API. In other words, you can directly play your songs inside the browser. Chrome also offers instant search directly from the address bar (Omnibox).

Memory Usage

Chrome uses an acceptable amount of memory. The average memory used during startup is about 20 megabytes and has a steady increase with the number of tabs. However, memory is instantly released when the tabs are closed.

Chrome Web Store 

Chrome has its own app store which lets you manage and save apps right from your browser. There are thousands of apps to try from different categories including games, social, educational, business, entertainment, and more. A large number of extensions are also available on Web Store to extend the functionality of Google Chrome browser.

Importing Bookmarks and Settings

Are you ready to switch to Chrome, but afraid to lose your personal settings? Chrome can easily import bookmarks from other browsers so you don’t have to worry about losing your personal stuffs. Just click on the Spanner icon and go to Settings >> Bookmarks >> Import Bookmarks and Settings (chrome://chrome/settings/importData) and choose the browser to import bookmarks from.

Try out Google Chrome and enjoy the ultimate web experience.