GFaker is a small, pluggable secondary GPS module for iPhone and iPad that lets you spoof your current location on your iOS device without jailbreaking your iOS device. And unlike many of the software-based GPS spoofing solutions, this device lets you fake your location reliably at the system-level, without being tethered to a computer. If the iPhone or iPad’s system time is set to automatic, it will even automatically switch to the local time of the spoofed location while using the GFaker device.

A Double Location Alternative

GFaker primarily sells two types of location spoofing devices. The GFaker Pro model is capable of simulating a fake location more realistically, by including three parameters – latitude, longitude, and altitude. The other device, GFaker Phantom, uses only two parameters for location spoofing – latitude and longitude. There is no altitude simulation with GFaker Phantom. Both devices can be controlled with their respective iOS companion apps.

Location spoofing could be useful for unlocking location-specific features on particular apps, play location-aware games, or simply to fool your friends for fun, showing yourself to be present at a particular location when you’re actually not.

Fake location can be used in a wide range of apps, including but not limited to Snapchat (for location-specific filters), Tinder (for searching potential matches in different locations), Google Maps and Apple Maps, Live Location on WhatsApp, Telegram and other messaging apps that support the feature, Find My iPhone, Find My Friends, Delivery and Pickup services (like Uber, Ola, Lyft, Foodpanda, DoorDash, etc.) and location-aware games (such as Pokemon Go, Ingress or Wizards Unite).

For a more detailed look into GFaker, you can visit this article.

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