Deal Alert: Get 40% Discount on USB Network Gate

USB Network Gate is a powerful software that allows you to remotely access a wide range of USB Plug-n-Play devices by sharing them over a network (LAN, WAN or Internet), without having to physically plug them into your computer. Thus, you can access your USB accessories, anytime on your computer, without having to actually carry them around.

Connect to USB devices remotely over Network - Internet, WAN, LAN

It also means that with USB Network Gate, you can remotely access USB devices at your home or office, without actually being present there. Like, say, you want to access the office printer from the comfort of your home, USB Network Gate allows you to do this.

USB Network Gate is available for macOS, Windows, Linux, and Android. It works on a client-server architecture, with the server hosting (sharing) the USB devices, and the clients remotely accessing them over a network. Clients can access, read and write on a wide range of remote USB devices, irrespective of the OS on which the host or clients are running (cross-platform).

You can learn more about USB Network Gate on our dedicated article.

USB Network Gate can be purchased from the official website. It provides licenses based on the number of USB ports that you want to host. Client software can be used for free. It costs $159.95 for a single shared USB port, $299.95 for 2 USB ports, $699.95 for up to 10 USB ports and $1199.95 for an unlimited number of shared USB ports.

But for 7labs readers, we have a special discount of 40% on all USB Network Gate licenses. Just click on the “Get This Deal” button below, choose your preferred license type and quantity, and apply the following coupon code at checkout to avail the offer.

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  • Windows | macOS | Linux – USB Network Gate (1 USB port) – $127.96 $159.95 (Save ~$32 per license )
  • Windows | macOS | Linux – USB Network Gate (2 USB ports) – $239.96 $299.95 (Save ~$60 per license)
  • Windows | macOS | Linux – USB Network Gate (10 USB ports) – $559.96 $699.95 (Save ~$140 per license)
  • Windows | macOS | Linux – USB Network Gate (Unlimited USB ports) – $959.96 $1199.95 (Save ~$240 per license)

Try out USB Network Gate on your MacWindowsLinux or Android device right now.

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