With a faux-leather back panel and a slightly larger 5.7” screen, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 took the centre stage at the recently held IFA electronics show in Berlin. Joining the phablet market, the latest gizmo is a successor to the Galaxy Note II we’ve written about a year ago. But, with so many gadgets launched by the Korean manufacturer this year, what new features can we expect from this device? In this review, we’ll give you everything you need to know about it.

A Closer Look At The New Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Case and Handling Experience

Held in hand, the Note 3 is undoubtedly a gigantic device. A 5.7” screen is closer to the smallest tablet. In fact, you will need to use both of your hands to type a quick text or an email entry. On the other hand, it’s not that difficult to grip, since its rear side is made entirely of a leather windowed case. It adds an extra friction, unlike other devices with a glossy finish that’s prone to accidental slipping. It’s not that bulky either; weighing only 5 ounces. If you want a powerful device which is more handy in size, you may opt for the Galaxy S4. According to its specs listing on O2, it weighs only 130 grams (4 ounces) and has a smaller 5.0” screen. If you need a big viewing panel for video streaming and web browsing, then the Note 3 is for you.


Almost every flagship devices today are equipped with a high-definition screen. The Note 3 has a superb resolution of 386 pixels per inch. It’s not the highest resolution out there, but when you zoom an online article you’re reading, it won’t render any visible pixilation. Plus, with its Super AMOLED technology, the screen is clear and readable, even in broad daylight.

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Operating System and Built-in Stylus

If you’re an Android user, you won’t find it difficult to use the gadget. It runs with the latest 4.3 version of Jelly Bean, and could possibly get the KitKat upgrade when it goes live.  Samsung has enhanced its look with a more user-friendly icons and bigger text. The new S-Pen is now integrated with the operating system. It doesn’t just assist you to write and to draw on the screen. When you hover the pen over the screen, a little dock will appear right away on top of the app you’re using. The following options called the Air Command will be revealed:

·         Smart Cutting – Will allow you to draw a circle around any part of the screen you want to capture and save as an image.

·         Calculator – A shortcut to the handy tool for doing basic computations.

·         Notes – Quickly launch a sticky note for scribbling down important data. With the new Samsung Note, when you scribble a number, you can later tap it with your S-Pen to dial the digits or save the number in your phonebook. It recognises your strokes accurately.

·         Air Power – It allows you to draw a square and have a number of your selected applications pop up on the display.

·         Search Tool – Without having to go to the browser and launch your favourite search engine, you can quickly type anything you wish to look up on the internet.

Camera and Performance

The phone delivers the standard snapper found on most of the flagship devices – 13-megapixel. It delivers great images even with a limited lighting. The forward-facing camera is also equipped with an HD resolution, which may come in handy for video conferences and self-portraits. We’re not going to talk about the number of cores and what graphics this product employs. But we can attest that it delivers an excellent performance for gaming and watching high-resolution movies. It’s the first smartphone with 3GB of RAM, just like any other typical laptop.


If you are looking for a phone with a bigger screen, we certainly recommend this product. It’s fast and reliable, all with the new technologies such as 4G LTE for faster web browsing and NFC for wireless payments. It also has a good battery life of 3200mAh, which delivers long hours of phone calls, music playback, and gaming. However, unlike smartphones with smaller screens, this is difficult to fit in your pocket and to use with one hand. What do you think of the new Samsung offering?

image credits: samsung.com

Written by Reese Jones, a tech correspondent from Techiedoodlers.com who loves IOS and Android. Her writings mainly focused on Tech Ed and mobile phones. She always loved playing video games  and she also maintains a passion for films.