Photos and videos individually serve as a good way of holding memories. But combine several related photos or video clips together, and it might tell you a story, one which you’d like to share with loved ones.

Ever since its launch, Flipagram has been inspiring people from all age groups to share their stories in its own unique way. The app lets you combine photos, videos and music together to create awesome photo-video stories, called Flipagrams. For background music, you can add your own audio clips or choose from a variety of music available from various sources.

There are other ways to customize your Flipagrams, like adding filters, setting the duration of each clip in the slideshow, etc. Once your custom Flipagram is created, you can share it on multiple social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., or privately send it to someone in particular. Flipagram is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Flipagram for Computer

Flipagram doesn’t officially support a desktop version. So if you want to try it out on your PC or Mac, one possible workaround might be to run the Android version of the app (APK) inside a suitable emulator like BlueStacks. But of course, this solution might not be convenient for all.

Flipagram alternatives for Computer

The below Flipagram alternatives will let you experience almost all the features of the original app, except perhaps its social networking features. So if you want to share Flipagram like slideshows across other social networks, these alternatives will get the job done. But if you want to share your slideshow on Flipagram itself, the only way is to use the official app.

Kizoa (Online)

Kizoa is an online tool that lets you create custom slideshows of your photos and add text, transitions, animations, special effects and background music to your slideshows. You can upload photos from your computer or import them from Facebook. The web app also lets you create collages from your photo collection. Once editing is complete, you can preview the output, export it via email, or share it on social media.

Kizoa offers some basic features for free, but you can upgrade to Lifetime Premium Web, Lifetime Premium DVD, or Lifetime Premium PRO subscriptions to access additional features.

Smilebox (Mac, Windows)

Smilebox is a desktop client for Mac and Windows that allows you to create delightful videos and picture slideshows, with support for animations, custom text messages and background music. To help you create your slideshow, Smilebox has its own collection of designs based on various themes. Some themes are suitable for single slides (such as animated invitation cards), while other support multiple photo additions. You can also design your own theme if the Smilebox collection does not satisfy you.

To set up the slideshow, just choose an appropriate theme, select the photos that you want to add, set the slideshow speed and add custom music to it. You can save the output as a video file and share it with your friends and family. Smilebox is a great app for creating animated invitations, greetings, collages, slideshows, etc. for your loved ones.

The app is available as a free download for Mac and Windows. The service has a free 7-day trial period, during which you can work with a limited number of designs. But many of its features, including some downloadable themes and background music, is only available to Premium users.

Freemake Video Converter (Windows)

Freemake Video Converter for Windows is actually a video conversion software, but it supports the creation of slideshow videos from your photo collections, with limited support for adding custom texts and transitions. It also allows you to add background music to the slideshow from your computer. Once the slideshow editing is completed, it can be exported in several output video formats — AVI, MP4, MPEG, MKV, WMV, etc., so that it can be played on any device (smartphone, tablet or computer).

Photos app (Mac)

Apple introduced the Photos app for OS X Yosemite earlier this year. And it’s the one place to manage your photos on your Mac, as well as on other Apple devices. Photos has a great feature that lets you combine a collection of photos into a video slideshow, along with transition effects and background music. It also lets you control the speed of transitions.

To create a slideshow using Photos, open the app and click on the Projects tab, click on the ‘+’ button from the top-right side and select Slideshow option from the menu. Give your slideshow a name and click on OK. Now select the photos you want to add to the slideshow and click on Add button. You can customize the slideshow to set its duration, transition effects, speed of transition, etc. If you’re not into manual customization, just select a theme from the number of available presets. Finally, you can export the completed slideshow as a movie (480p, 720p or 1080p quality) and save it to your computer.

Slidely Show (Online)

Slidely is an online slideshow creation tool with a user friendly interface that helps you to create custom slideshows in three quick steps. It integrates with different social services like Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Dropbox, Flickr, etc. and lets you import photos for your slideshow from them.

Once the photos are imported, all you need to do is set a background music track and select a suitable theme (filters, effects, etc.) for the slideshow. Finally, you can set the slideshow speed and the duration of slideshow. Once you’re satisfied with the preview, you can save the slideshow in your Slidely account and share it online.

Roxio PhotoShow (Online)

PhotoSnow is a simple web app that lets you create animated slideshows based on your photo collection. You can import photos from Facebook, Shutterfly, Flickr and Picasa albums, or upload them directly from your computer. Once you’ve uploaded the photos, you can personalize your slideshow by providing custom opening titles, selecting a theme (Style), setting the slideshow speed, editing the photos, adding music to the slideshow, etc. On the right side, you can always preview how your slideshow looks like, and go back to editing if you don’t like something.

Finally, when you’re done with your slideshow, click on the Done button to save it. You need a Roxio PhotoShow account in order to do so. Signing up for a new account is free, but you only get limited features. To get the full benefit of all the features, you can upgrade to the Premium service.

Stupeflix (Online)

Stupeflix is an easy-to-use online tool for creating animated slideshows (movies) from photos and videos. The first thing you have to select is a theme, which includes a default set of design and transition effects for your show. Next, you import photos and videos into your slideshow. There are a number of options for doing that, including Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, local upload or even live webcam recording. You can also add text slides or add custom animations for slide transitions.

Once you have imported text, photos and videos into your movie, you can rearrange the individual slides to put them in the right sequence. If you want some background music for your movie, you can do so by clicking on the ‘+’ icon to the right of the musical note on top of your slideshow. If your animation is ready, you can test it out in Preview mode and click on Produce and Save to export your movie.

The quality of the exported video and its privacy setting (Public / Private) will depend on the subscription plan you choose. A free subscription will allow you to create unlimited 360p public videos without the download option. The Personal ($5/month) plan lets you to produce private videos (in 360p) that you can download for personal use. If you want to upgrade the video quality to 720p, it will cost you an additional $5 per video. To get the full benefits of Stupeflix (Private 720p videos, commercial licensing, exclusive themes, exclusive tracks for background music and more), you can upgrade to the PRO package for $29/month.

Animoto (Online)

Animoto is an online video creation tool similar to Stupeflix and Roxio Slideshow with an elegant and intuitive UI. Select a style for your movie, add some introductory text slides, include some photos and videos, add some background music, and let Animoto do the rest. You can preview the movie by clicking on the Preview button on the left and proceed to Produce if you like the results.

Animoto includes a free trial with limited features. You can choose from 3 different subscription plans — Personal ($9.99/month), Professional ($19.99/month) and Business ($29.99/month) depending on how you wish to use the service.

Evver (Online)

If you want to create a quick slideshow of your photo collection along with some background music, Evver would be the website to visit. All you need to do for creating Evver videos is sign up for a free account, add/upload photos to your video, select a suitable background music and add a title to your movie. Ever uses some default animations for transitions between photos, and there’s not much customization options available. It’s just a quick way of creating slideshow videos for sharing online with friends and family.

If you know of any better Flipagram alternatives that were not mentioned here, let us know in the comments below.