Sign up for multiple accounts on same service using one email address

Sometimes, you want to use multiple accounts on a particular service, for managing different profiles simultaneously. For example, you might want to have one Twitter account for managing your personal profile, and another one for building your professional connections.

Unfortunately, though, you need to have unique email addresses for creating each one of your accounts on the same platform or service. That means, if you use a single email address, now you need one more email address just for opening a second account on a particular platform or service.

There is a simple trick to sign up for multiple accounts on a particular service, using a single email address. But, this trick only works with Gmail addresses, so you’ll need a Gmail address to begin with.

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Use one Gmail address for multiple user accounts

The below steps will guide you to create multiple user accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., using one Gmail address:

  1. Create your new Gmail address, if you don’t already have one.
  2. Go to the platform or service where you want to create multiple user accounts, and create one account using your original Gmail address.
  3. Now start creating another user account on the same platform or service. This time, while providing the email address, append the prefix of your Gmail address (the part before the “@“ sign) with a “+” sign, followed by any number of alphanumeric characters. (For example, if your original email address is “[email protected]”, use an email address like “[email protected]”). And complete the steps to create your account.
  4. Repeat step 3 for as many accounts you want to create, each time appending a “+” sign and a unique string of alphanumeric characters, before the “@“symbol in your Gmail address. The service will consider each of these email addresses as unique, even though they all point to the same Gmail account.

Note: This trick only works with Gmail address. Other email providers, such as Outlook or Yahoo do not support this method of creating aliases of the same email address using the “+” symbol.

Find out who is selling your email address

A lot of times, you may receive email newsletters from companies and services that you never personally subscribed to. Services like these often buy/receive your email address from external sources that you may have subscribed to earlier, as a part of their lead generation strategies.

When you receive an email from a company or service that you never subscribed to, generally you have no way of knowing which platform or service actually sold/shared your email address to them. But using the below trick, you can now determine the culprit.

  1. Whenever you sign up for a new service or subscribe to a newsletter, append the “+” sign to your email address used while registering, followed by the service name you’re subscribing to. For example, if your email address is “[email protected]”, and you want to sign up or subscribe to The New York Times, you can provide the subscription email as “[email protected]”.
  2. You will receive email newsletters from The New York Times in your primary inbox “[email protected]”, but if you check for detailed information in the email, you’ll find that the “To:” field has been indicated by “[email protected]” (i.e., your subscription email address).

Now, if The New York Times sells/shares your email address with a third-party service, and you start receiving emails from that service, simply check the “To:” field in the email. You should be able to see your “[email protected]” address, indicating that your email address was in fact shared by The New York Times, as only The New York Times had received that particular version of your email address.

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Note: This trick exclusively works with Gmail addresses and are meant for services that you are yet to register or subscribe to. If you’ve already registered, or subscribed to any service, using your original email address, this method will not work for you. However, you can always sign up for a new account, using a different version of your email address, and take advantage of this trick on that new account.

Create multiple accounts using same email address (Alternative method)

There is another method to create multiple online accounts on a platform using a single email address. This one relies on the insertion of the “.” symbol anywhere within your email address (before the “@“ symbol). If you already have the “.” symbol in your email address, you can create different instances just by changing its position within your email address.

For example, if your email address is “[email protected]”, you may be able to register multiple accounts on a particular platform, using the addresses “[email protected]”, “[email protected]”, “[email protected]”, and so on. Any emails sent to any of these addresses will be redirected to the same mailbox at “[email protected]”.

Note: This trick of creating multiple accounts using different versions of the same email address, by altering the position of the “.” symbol in the address, also works with Gmail addresses only. Although, some websites and services may not allow you to create multiple accounts using this method.

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