Stress and anxiety seem to have etched themselves deeply into every aspect of our hectic life. We feel anxious and stressed out before our finals and important tests. We’re wired before meeting our new roommates and job interviews. We also cannot help but worry when we fall behind our academic schedule or fail to keep up with strict professors’ demands. The ongoing lack of sleep also may exacerbate the problem. So are there any truly effective methods to tackle stress and anxiety in college?

Top Anxiety Relief Apps to Help You Create Great Research Papers

We’ll bet you know there are reliable online writing assistants such as PapersOwl, TutorOnline, etc. that can help you with urgent assignments and thus take a load off your shoulders. Going out with your new friends, jogging, volunteering, and other activities also may come in handy when it’s necessary to combat gloomy thoughts and stress.

Finally, digital helpers without which no representative of the wired generation can imagine their life are there. We’re talking your Android smartphones now. You know that these handy devices are indispensable for communication, studying, and entertainment. Still, few know that popular portable gadgets can double up as pocket counselors and antidepressants too. It’s high time you learn about top anxiety and stress relief applications you can quickly install on your smartphone and thus save a bunch of dollars on talk or cognitive therapy.


It’s about time you welcomed in an elaborately designed Headspace app that can help you relax and meditate between classes or after a long study/workday. Once you install this app, you can start availing yourself of recommendations of a former monk who’s mission is to guide you through the essentials of mindfulness and meditation.

Lots of people who have already taken advantage of meditation tips provided by Headspace report considerable improvement in their psychological and physical well-being. Rest assured, Headspace is not another bogus whose aim is money-grabbing. You can install the app in question either on your iPhone or an Android device and start learning the basics for free to figure out if the stress-busting meditation methods suggested are exactly what you need. Another useful feature you can utilize is the ability to invite your friends to join in on your quest toward peace of mind and stress-free life.

Stop Panic & Anxiety Self-Help

Another worthwhile anxiety application, Stop Panic & Anxiety Self-Help, can be obtained from Google Store. What we particularly like about this app is its ability to provide simple, but at the same time highly accurate and sound pieces of advice in difficult situations.

Similarly to a living counselor, Stop Panic makes you focus on your strengths and merits, thus preventing you from dwelling on temporary failures that may cause frustration in many students. This app is an indispensable tool for those who want to master workable mood regulation techniques and take a firm grip on your emotions.

Make the most of this handy app with the diary feature. By diarizing your innermost feelings and thoughts you’ll be able to identify the roots of your panic or anxiety, which is a considerable step towards tackling the problem. Though Stop Panic & Anxiety Self-Help cannot be considered a full-fledged substitution for cognitive therapy, it utilizes similar techniques, which can help you significantly improve you panic and anxious mood, as well as come up with your coping strategies. You can password-protect the app to restrict access to your personal information.

Dare – Break Free from Anxiety

One more app that can help you dispense of plaguing anxiety is Dare – Break Free from Anxiety. Though it’s being distributed by Apple, Dare it perfectly compatible with Android smartphones. It represents a special audio training program aiming designed to help you face up to your mental problems rather than ignore them. This useful tool can come in handy when you’re in distress, overwhelmed with fears, or experiencing full-blown panic attacks. The Dare app will walk you through real-life situations where people tend to lose control and succumb to fear and panic.

It will provide you with tools necessary to manage your anxiety, improve focus and concentration, maintain a positive mindset, and so much more. Another noteworthy benefit of the Dare app is its ability to help users restore self-esteem and confidence through a series of special exercises and useful articles. The app in question is also exceptionally good at helping with coming to terms with other people and forgiving those who once hurt you either intentionally or inadvertently.

In Conclusion

As you see, smartphones can help you not only reach other people and entertain yourself, but also relieve the feelings of anxiety, combat frustration, deal with panic attacks, and improve your academic writing skills. Should you feel overwhelmed with your college life, saturated with emotions, impressions, and experiences, opt for one or several apps that have appeared on today’s list of the best anxiety relief tools.

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