The Windows operating system license is quite expensive. The price is in thousands of crowns and if you did not get the system together with your computer, you will have another investment. You can have a license at a fraction of the normal price through You can buy Windows 10 Pro today with a special discount code for just 13.8 USD.

Spring Sale: Upgrade to Windows 10 for 13.8 USD on g2deal offers cheap software and games licenses. Most popular items include Windows operating system licenses, Office, and popular games. Currently, there are many attractive offers on the page. One of them is Windows 10 Pro for only 13 USD. And if you’re looking for something else, here are a few other deals for you:

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What does Microsoft think of this kind of store? The tech site TechGuide looked into the matter by contacting the American multinational. Microsoft does not have a very positive view of these software and software resale sites “it does not solve the situation for individual users”, explains the local representative, but recognizes the validity of the licenses sold. It is, therefore, a means of obtaining an official, functional and inexpensive software license.

How to get an original Windows 10 Pro license at a low cost?

While writing these lines we tested the service by buying a Microsoft Windows 10 Pro key and you will see, the procedure is very simple.
1.Create an account on the G2deal site (no email verification)
2. Add the product you want to buy to your basket.
3.Apply the 20% discount code: 7labs
4. The site offers many payment methods including PayPal.
5. Download the key by clicking on the “View Key / Codes” button to retrieve the license.
It’s not more complicated.

How to activate the license?

First, install Windows 10 Pro on your computer as you normally would, then enter the key you just purchased. If you have already installed Windows, open Control Panel> System and Security> System. Find the “Change product key” button in the window and enter the key.

You will understand, at this price it would be a shame not to take advantage of it!

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