Fix BlueStacks Installation and Runtime Problems


In our posts on how to sign up and access Instagram from PC as well as a few other ones, we have used the BlueStacks App Player to use Android apps on computers. However, some of our users have reported problems about it. The App Player is still in its younger days and is currently in Beta. At this phase, it is quite obvious that problems will be there. We hope that the BlueStacks development is working to fix some of the common issues. And though we do not provide any official support for BlueStacks, it is part of our responsibility to ensure our articles provide complete solutions to our users.

BlueStacks installation and runtime problems

Having said that, we have put together some of the common problems of BlueStacks along with their probable causes and solutions. Hopefully after reading this guide, you will be able to run BlueStacks (and consequently, Android apps) on your computer without any problems.

BlueStacks Installation Problems

We are aware that some users have faced issues while downloading and installing BlueStacks on Windows. Here are some of the cases we have explored:

BlueStacks installation on Windows can fail due to multiple reasons. It may be due to some incompatibility with your computer’s hardware, or the setup file itself. Before installing BlueStacks on your computer, make sure the following system configuration is met.

Bluestacks Graphics error fix

A Graphics card with updated drivers: Though BlueStacks App Player does not process any graphics-intensive operations, some of the Android apps that BlueStacks runs might need it. So keep your Graphics drivers updated.

.NET Framework 3.5 or above: BlueStacks App Player requires .NET Framework. Ensure that you have the latest version installed.

>>Download .NET Framework

A minimum of 2 GB Physical Memory (RAM): The interface of BlueStacks might look stunningly simple but, it, and the Android Apps that it plays are typical resource hogs. There are a lot of background process running behind the actual application and it requires a minimum of 2 GB RAM to run smoothly.

Though BlueStacks does not provide any official System Requirements on their website, these specifications have been found to be the least requirements for running BlueStacks on Windows.

Dock Conflicts

Some BlueStacks users have faced a “dock conflict” issue while installing BlueStacks. This is probably because you have a Dock Program (like RocketDock or StarDock) running on your system. Unfortunately, BlueStacks isn’t compatible with these dock programs and if you face this issue, you’ll need to uninstall your dock program first and then install BlueStacks.

App installation problems in BlueStacks

Once you have successfully installed BlueStacks, you can give yourself a small pat on the back for your little achievement. But you may still face some problems while installing apps inside it. The steps below might help you to avoid app installation problems.

Install apps from the BlueStacks App Store: BlueStacks has an App Store of its own. The best way to install Android apps on BlueStacks is to search and download apps from BlueStacks itself.

Installing APK files: You may still want to install apps from downloaded APK files. In that case, rather than double clicking on the APK file from Windows Explorer, use an Android file manager app (like OI File Manager) inside BlueStacks and open the APK file from within it. The app should install inside BlueStacks and you should be able to launch it without any problems.

We would like to add here that we haven’t faced any of these issues personally and replicating the conditions for the error to occur is quite a tough job. If you are still facing issues with BlueStacks, do let us know but also make sure that you describe your problem clearly. If we have still not answered your queries, it could be because we are still working on a solution, have already discussed the solution before, or quite disappointingly, did not get your question! (Well, sorry about that.) Anyway, if you do have further queries, don’t hesitate to ask. We’ll try to find a solution for you.

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  • marecip

    How do I uninstall BlueStacks? Since installing a few hours ago my laptop has had numerous problems. Very slow, trouble closing tabs, screen fades in & out shakes at times, constantly seeing the dreaded spinning wheel, trouble scrolling. I had no issues before the install. Also when using Instagram it would no load my pics from my camera files (to post on Instagram) it would just send me back to “choose a photo”. Had hopes for the program and will try it again in the future but for now I need it gone. Even typing this has been a chore. Please help! THANKS.

    • Revo

      You might want to check @7mod:disqus’s ans first, if not working try 3rd party solutions solutions like Wise Program Uninstaller, Revo etc.

  • Niku Kool

    I have Installed Blue Stakes Windows Application it is working fine
    but i have installed but when i am going to update this app
    it shows some error screen that u dont have access to this directory….
    how to get rid of it and update application….

    Fast reply will be appreciated…..

    • 7mod

      First, uninstall the previous version. Additionally, you might need to delete all the folders created by the previous BlueStacks installation, then install the new one.
      Also, make sure you are installing BlueStacks as an Administrator.
      If you are having trouble with the online installer, try this offline version instead;

      • Niku Kool


        1st of all Thanks very much for your prompt reply i have tried many times to uninstall previous version but I am afraid to say that it is not uninstalling also.. 🙁 and as you said i should delete all the folders created by th BlueStakes Installation but how can i figure out that it is created by BlueStakes and not by any other software or system files?? Please help

        • 7mod

          If you’re unable to uninstall it from control panel, follow these steps to remove BlueStacks (completely);

          1) Close all the BlueStacks process from Windows Task Manager. [ More info: ]
          2) Delete all the default BlueStacks folders;
          C:Program Files (x86)BlueStacks or C:Program FilesBlueStacks
          3) Open Windows Registry Editor and delete the BlueStacks registry folder; HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareBlueStacks
          4) Now go to control panel and remove the previous BlueStacks entry.

          Restart your system and you are done!

  • juan guillen

    i installed bluestacks but when I am playing games it flashes much to often looks like a dimmer going off and on can you help with this thank you

    • 7mod

      Sent from Mailbox for iPhone

  • Jiesh

    I had downloaded Bluestack offline file….which is117mb in size.I am using windows7,ram-4gb, and intel corei3,nd intel Hd graphics 3000 yet unable to install it plz help me….

  • someone

    why i cannot installed if my antivirus is Bitdefender Anti Virus

  • pooria

    hi . my Blue Stakes have this problem ….please helpe me

  • paniz

    I installed bluestacks and it work pretty gd
    but i have problme to install clash of clans on it.
    the error that showed to is:
    apk installation failed:INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK
    i have this problme just with clash of clans and the other apps are ok
    my windows is 8

  • pfd

    how do i fix this?

  • g

    Tapped Out no longer works on Bluestacks after recent update

  • Tom Thompson

    I try to install BlueStacks on Win2008 R2 SP1 and it wants .NET 2.0. The features have .NET 3.5 and 4.5 installed. 2.0 is part of 3.5 and in fact if I try to install 2.0 it says that it is already installed as part of the OS yet the BlueStacks install continues to ask for it.

  • Tom Thompson

    I try to install BlueStacks on Win2008 R2 SP1 and it wants .NET 2.0. The features have .NET 3.5 and 4.5 installed. 2.0 is part of 3.5 and in fact if I try to install 2.0 it says that it is already installed as part of the OS yet the BlueStacks install continues to ask for it.

  • Chin Suan Mung

    can anyone help me with this

    • DoMo

      try to go to the Settings>Application>All>scroll down until you see the google playstore apps .. click that and click the force stop and clear ache after that click the google framework and same as playstore apps that you do (Y)

  • Chin Suan Mung

    can anyone help me with this

  • Reekes

    Hi, my problem was solved in reinstalling the bluestack. What i did was i deleted all the registry files for bluestack and that’s all. reinstalling the game is a breeze.

  • joi

    how can I solve this problem. please help..

    • Revon

      Search for Clash of Clans on Bluestacks’ built-in app store and install it from there. Try to avoid installing programs from Google play store.

  • naimlaerrr

    bluestack change my laptop resolution when i opened it . few seconds later it back to normal .. what happens ? anyone have solution .. thank you

  • Kamal Kohinoor

    after installing bluestacks when i try to install whatsapp.apk i get erro install failed server error

    could u pls help me to solve this problem my email is pls do it

  • xinglong

    Hi thank you for your services to the community. I cannot uninstall my bluestack after following the post on “how to uninstall bluestack completely.” I have the following error. please help me if you are available. Thank you 🙂

    • revon

      Try this one:

      Or, use any third party forced uninstaller program like, Revo Uninstaller, Wise Program Uninstaller, etc.

  • Revon

    Install WhatsApp from Bluestacks’ built-in app store instead of Google play or from WhatsApp APK.

  • Revon

    Why do you want that in first place!!!!

  • Revon

    Just send the log file to BS support team (, they might help you out!

  • tiana niang

    How do I solve this problem? I can’t uninstall Bluestacks…!! I’ve tried almost all tutorials I found on google and youtube, still doesn’t work for me.

  • naomi

    hello, i’ve installed bluestacks but when i try to add the showbox app it gives me this error code. Error code: 42, FRONTEND_NOT_RUNNING i’ve tried to look it up on the support page of bluestacks but i can;t find a solution anywhere. can you please help me?

  • Samrath Singh

    My bluestacks works very slowly and hangs.

  • mohamed shafi thazhathethil