How to sign up for instagram online (PC / Computer) (New Process)


Instagram is the popular iPhone/Android app that lets you apply retro filters to photos and share them with friends. To use it, users need to sign up first. A few months back, we published an article  [How to sign up for instagram online (PC / Computer)] describing the process to sign up from PC. Unfortunately, Instagram made some changes to the website and the process no longer works now.

However, there is still another way to sign up and use Instagram from your computer. Unlike the last process, this trick lets users to fool Instagram into thinking that they are using a phone even though it is actually done from a computer.

Signing up for Instagram online (PC / Computer)

1. Download and Install BlueStacks. It helps you to set up an environment for running the Instagram app on your computer.

2. Download the Instagram Android app.

3. Now install the Instagram app in Bluestacks by double clicking the .apk file. BlueStacks will automatically install the app.

4. Start the Bluestacks app launcher and open the Instagram app from your BlueStacks’ library.

Instagram Registration

5. The app prompts you to sign up the first time you launch the app. Click on the “Register” button and enter the required details. You can optionally import your profile picture from your library or from Facebook.

Now you are ready to use Instagram and its applications.

Update: We have found out that some of our readers have faced problems while 
installing the Instagram app. Users get errors like 
Apk Installation failed: INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK 
when they double click on the .apk. For similar " Apk Installation failed" problems, 
try to install apks from within BlueStacks instead of double clicking them from 
Windows. Read this article to find out how to access your local files inside 
BlueStacks. Now download and install the Android Market Installer using 
OI File Manager inside BlueStacks. And then install the Instagram app in the 
same way inside BlueStacks. Doing this will also solve the "Dismiss" Sign Up error.

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  • Rekko

    Working like a charm… Thanks 7labs for all these stuffs 🙂

  • Dennis

    APK Installation Failed: INSTALL_FAILED_CPU_ABI_INCOMPATIBLE. Im using windows XP on lenovo t61

    • Hey Dennis, I see you’re having some problems with our App Player. Could you please use the “report a problem” button in Bluestacks to send a log report to our support team? We’ll get on it immediately. It’d be especially helpful if you could send the report because we’re currently working on curing all APK Installation Failures. Thanks!

  • amina

    I’m having problem signing up for instagram…. It gives error…. Please tell me complete process of signing up…

    • @amina
      Could you be more specific? 🙂

  • amsvoi

    sign up error dismiss

  • Bella

    apk failed 🙁

    • michaelson

      yayy!! hey guys, after installing blue stack, i downloaded the instagram app it is written..but when i tried installing it,it kept saying apk failed just as most of u are facing that problem.i found da solution and now i jst signed up on instagram. here’s the fix. go to this site and download the zip file.after that install the apps found.this will be done with da blue stack installer.. go to da instagram app u downloaded here and try installing it..instagram will now be installed. u have google market installed now.:))

      • crook

        Thanks michaelson, working for me 🙂

  • daigin

    for me the same, sign up. error, dismiss.

    you enter your info, it gives a error, and you have to dismiss.

  • jhon

    sign up error dismiss please help

  • megan

    when I try to sign up for it it tells me there was a sign up error.

  • jun

    sign error dismiss wat should we do?help

  • dan

    sign up error dismiss… why i cant sign up?..

  • Those who have faced the dismiss error, download and install the Instagram app from here. If you are still facing this problem, let us know. We will try to help you ASAP 🙂

    Check the Updated post for more information.


    • megan

      It worked. thanks!! 🙂

    • xoxci

      hello i already re install the instagram by download it from here, but still face the problem. it says “your account has been disabled due to terms of service violations”

      should i just make a new account or what? pleas help 🙁

      • zune

        Technically it’s not an error! It clearly says that your account has been disabled.

    • JKim

      Hello, i re installed the app but it still says that “The IP Address you are using has been flagged as open proxy.” what does this mean?

  • provide update

    I just checked here and it’s showed Following Error –

    * Please update Your Instagram app from Google play

    Admin, Please provide update.. ASAP
    Instagram 3.0.5 version is NOT WORKING ANYMORE in Bluestacks..
    Please provide updated APK file on this page..

    • @provide update (Emma)
      Thanks for informing us about this error! We have successfully updated our Instagram from 3.0.5 to 3.1.0. You can download it now. 🙂

  • Nick

    The BlueStack app is not opening for me=/It say that it need physical space of 1 GB that i have…Can some help PLZ?!?

    • vann too!

    • zune

      @Nick & vann,
      A system needs at least 1GB of free RAM in order to run BlueSatcks on it. I guess you guys are running outta that…

  • PingPong Sounisa


  • Rich

    Thanks for the info. I have it working on Win 7 64 bit but when I deselect the camera and choose a folder there are none to view. I have placed images in both the USer Pictures folder and My Documents but neither are visible at all ?

    Any ideas ?

    • zune

      Have you tried with OI File Manager? You don’t have to wait for your files to be synced as It helps you to navigate your exact file location.

      For more info, you can refer to this article:
      Access your local files from BlueStacks on Windows

  • xoxci

    my account has been disabled and i tried to register a new account, then it says “The IP address you are using has been flagged as an open proxy”

    what should i do anyone can help? 🙁

    • yamcy

      have you found solution with that? I’m facing the same problem now.. 🙁

      • Guest

        i know, your instagram is set on yet, the solution is= set on your instagram first +- 15mb, helpful i hope 🙂

  • micaaaa

    i download the bluestack, but its not working, theres problem about my graphics card., how is that? how to upgrade it/

  • james

    still downloading runtime data. its very slow. hope it works.. thanks for this anyway.

  • tSean

    I’ll still having the sign up error. Can anyone please help me on this matter. Thanks!

  • Confused

    To 7Labs,
    I too, also had the ‘INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK’ error, so followed the steps on that article. However, I could not understand the guide, nor find the BlueStacks shared folder (looked in the directory of C://). I’d be grateful for any help.
    Thanks in advance.

  • ella

    it didnt work it kept taking me back to the username saying it was wrong plzz help me this isn’t working 🙁

  • Rajkamal kanna

    sign up error dismiss

  • Ira

    Hi everyone! I’m trying to register using the instagram app, I type in my email, username and password, but when I hit “register” it says “Error”. It won’t tell me what’s wrong, so I have no idea how to fix that. Anyone having the same problem?

  • i love it

  • Ryan

    When i try to download bluestacks it says: This file is not supported. Please visit the chrome web store to find an app that can open this file. What should i do?

  • beib

    thanx love it !!! like

  • kay

    when i open it.. it was in 90 degree position.. how do i turn it? thanks

  • Peter

    Do you know how I can add a photo from my computer?

  • charlene bell

    I like it

    • goofball

      how do you do that

  • anna

    everything worked fine, but my instagram is now sideways. the entire screen, its really annoying and I dont know how to adjust it.

    Any help?

    • kliul

      press ALT+CTRL+UP key

  • cth

    Hey! The result is sign up dismiss and how can I install Android Market Installer?

  • Leo

    Notification ( This application requires at least 2GB of physical memory ) any ideas? and when i click it both it and the installer totally disappear.

  • Jelly

    When installing BlueStacks appear the message “This application requires Windows XP S3″.

  • tajeanne

    how do u sign up for instagram on a computer????

    • Gangmy

      could help with bluestacks

      • Zune

        Specify your problem…

  • Jean

    I can’t sign up. Everytime I hit register it says “The proxy server you are using has been flagged as an open proxy” what to do?? 🙁

    • Zune

      Try to use VPN to change your IP, this will solve this problem. You can read more about VPN here >>

      Personal recommendation is HotspotShield (Google it) 🙂

    • Babylon5

      BE CAREFUL IF YOU USE A VPN. Instagram will flag the account as violating the TOS!!! Try changing your IP address (google up a tutorial on how to force your ISP to assign a new IP). this is also good for getting around bans from forums/websites etc..

  • Ben

    When i click the icon on the top right of my browser to open it theres no way to register.

  • Lay

    Bluestacks keep crashing on my PC and the Instagram App, once I try to select a filter, the filters dissapear and all other options from that screen. Please help!

  • vipul singhaniya

    When i try to download bluestacks it says: This file is not supported. Please visit the chrome web store to find an app that can open this file. What should i do?

  • rhenz

    I nEed some heLP

    • Zune

      Need details…

  • Raymund Bano


  • tamera

    bluestacks is taking forever to install. what to do? and the instagram download keep showing up as in the photo

  • Honeylette Bravo Calatero

    how to create an instagram account???

    • Michel

      Haven’t you read the article!!!

  • CommonSenseFanatic

    When trying to log in to instagram thru bluestacks on my PC Windows 7, I get the error message advising that my instagram is outdated and I need to update through the play store. Where do I go from there?

  • lonely_fella

    every time completed making an account it gets banned right way. I am thinking it has something to do with my public IP(my home) being flagged. Only way i can create a new account is to use another different public IP. Any application that will let me successfully create a new account without being flagged? I download VPN HotShield on my BlueStacks Android and still doesnt work.

  • footballgirl09

    I finally got an instagram !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gearly

    i haven’t already a guide on how to register , thanks!

  • sunny

    i already installed it. but why i can’t click on the app? it doesn’t have any response when i click on it. plz help me

  • joya

    how old do u have to be to get a instagram

    • bamboo

      you shouldn’t be here this is for big people

  • Nice article but the typing in this program is annoying. The @ sign I can’t find.

  • jeanette

    How do you get in the apps on the computer

  • Reyazul Masud Riham

    Awesome tips!!! Thanks.

  • Odette

    It tells me that my IP is seen as a proxy and thus, I’m unable to sign up. What should I do?

  • Odette

    It tells me that my IP is seen as a proxy and thus, I’m unable to sign up. What should I do?

  • Bagus

    coruppt please help me,

    • Rbell

      7labs has fixed the Instagram “App not installed. – The package appears to be corrupt” or INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK error!

      Just download & install Instagram apk from the given link, it’s working fine for me.

  • regal

    i tried this the first time, it says account disabled for terms violation immediately after registration. tried again with a different email, similar name, it worked… that’s weird… it sucks because the user name i wanted is now borked.. -_- if you attempt this, test it first. use a test email/name and if it works, by all means, make your real one.