Instagram only allows users to upload photos taken from your iPhone or Android device. What if you could extend the functionality to  let you take Instagramic photos through your webcam. This tutorial describes how to get it done.

Steps to use Instagram with webcam

1. Connect a webcam and make sure Windows detects it properly.

2. Download and Install BlueStacks. (Required to run Instagram. Ref: How to install and run Android apps on your PC )

3. Download and install the Instagram app in Bluestacks by double clicking the .apk file. Launch Instagram from BlueStacks’ library.

4. Login to Instagram (You need to sign up for Instagram in order to use it, if you haven’t already yet).

5. Configure Instagram to work with your webcam. Open Camera Settings (Click the icon Instagram Settings at the bottom right corner >> Click the top right icon Instagram Settings 2 next to the Search button >> Camera Settings.) and uncheckUse Instagram’s Advanced Camera” option.

6. Instagram is now ready to accept input from your webcam.

7. Click the Instagram Camera icon Camera icon at the bottom of the app. Select “Camera” as source.

8. Take a snap by clicking the Capture button.

9. Crop/Resize the photo and click Accept.

10. Apply Instagram filters to the photo (if you want to), finalize your changes and click Instagram next in the top right corner.

11. Fill up the details and click Upload in the top right corner. And you’re done!

Note: If you face any problems while installing the Instagram app, 
check the Updated section of this article.

You can also use other cameras with Instagram. Just upload the camera’s photo to Instagram.

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