The RHCSA EX200 exam tests the capacity of IT professionals to excel in the area of system administration in all Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments. It is a practical test that validates the expertise of Linux administrators who wish to operate with Red Hat servers. This entry-level exam is aimed at training Linux IT professionals to get the RHCSA (Red Hat Certified Administrator) certification.

Red Hat RHCSA Exam Questions

There are no prerequisites and requirements for the EX200exam; however, this certification test is a prerequisite you need before taking the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) credential and other Red Hat certificates. The exam questions contain different assignments that depict what Red Hat administrators face daily at their professional level. The hands-on assignments range from 10 to 15.In order for you to pass the exam, you should to score 210 points (the scale of 300). The exam is to be done within two hours and thirty minutes.

The contents of this RHCSA exam are protected through non-disclosure agreements; however Red Hat provides the following exam objectives:

  • SELinux
  • AutoMount
  • Networking
  • Troubleshooting
  • Remote File System Access
  • User and Permission Management
  • Software and Storage Management

Top Resources

There are multiple resources available that will help you prepare for this certification exam. Here they are:

Video Training

Pearson IT certifications have a complete video course that offers training based on the exam objectives, as well as practice questions, interactive quizzes, and exercises. There are also video workshops that provide guide you through a live practice exam.


You should study books as part of your preparation for the exam. Here are recommended books for the EX200 test:

  • RHCSA/RHCE 7 Cert Guide
  • LinuxCBT EL-6 Edition
  • VTC: Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) – Exam EX300 Course
  • CBT Nuggets: CentOS System Administrator Prep

These books have information you need to for the exam preparation, as well as information on every exam objective. They also contain practice exams, quizzes, interactive exercises, lab exercises, and videos.


They are available in Pearson certifications and cover the exam topics in detail which would otherwise seem difficult to candidates.

Tips for Passing

For you to pass the RHCSA EX200 exam, you need to take everything seriously. Here are major tips for passing this certification test:

Read the questions carefully

Instead of rushing through the questions, you should ensure that you read the questions carefully before attempting to answer them. Every question is designed to test your skills in different areas and you need to be keen in order for you to identify what is required of you. Taking your time to read through the exam will enable you to interpret the questions correctly and get to answer most of the questions correctly.

Prioritize easy questions

You need to prioritize the simple questions so that you use the extra time for the difficult questions. When you begin with the difficult questions, you may find that you waste a lot of time and you may not get the chance to tackle all the questions within the set time for completing the exam. Do not force your mind to come up with an answer that you cannot fathom if you encounter impossibilities in the exam move to the next question and ensure you are able to answer most of the questions to the best of your ability.

Review your coursework

For you to pass the exam, you need to ensure that you have covered your basis in terms of the exam objectives. From your training, you need to identify all the topics contained in the exam so that you ensure you get the most out of the questions right. Your coursework is the lifeblood of the test and there is no other way other than to review it thoroughly. You can identify any areas that are giving you a hard time and ask for help if you need to.

Master your technical skills

This exam focuses on your technical skills and you need to ensure that you understand them for you to pass it. Ensure that you are well versed with the technology used in the Red Hat servers in order for you to tackle any questions that require your expertise on the same. Practice your technical skills so that you can be able to solve problems that may arise in a professional setting. You need to master any permission issues that deal with Linux systems which include the basic ones as well as the advanced ones.

Take advantage of self-study options

The best part about this exam is that there are no restrictions that require you to take a class. This means that you can choose to study by yourself in order for you to keep a flexible schedule for your other daily activities. The self-study requires discipline and you need to have the drive to cover all areas of the exam objectives and practice as well for you to pass the exam.

Choose a classroom exam

There are two options when it comes to taking the PrepAway: RHCSA EX200 RHCE Ex200 Certification Testking Pass4sure Dumps, you can either take the classroom exam, which is in a classroom setting and there is an examiner there to cater to any of your concerns, or the kiosk exam that has a computer programmed to cater for any of your concerns. While the test is delivered in the same way in both settings, those who take the exam in a classroom setting have an advantage because they are able to relax and feel calm knowing that there is an actual examiner there. With the kiosk setting, candidates may experience some nerves during the exam due to the lack of emotional support.


If you are a Linux administrator who wishes to work with Red Hat servers, this is the way to go. The RHCSA certification will validate your technical skills and set you up for a career in the Red Hat environment. Because the exam is focused on your hands-on experience, you need to ensure you practice a lot and master your technical skills for you to succeed. Use the tips above when preparing for this certification exam.


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