Now you can catch your favorite shows online on Hulu, Netflix and VEVO no matter wherever you are. “Hang on a minute,” you might say, “I thought these sites were only accessible from the US!” We know that, but this trick will make these sites accessible even from outside the US.

This post is written referring mostly to Hulu, Netflix and VEVO, but it also works with the following sites: CBS, ABC, MTV, theWB, CW TV, Crackle, NBC, FOX,, PBS, History, Lifetime TV, Pandora,,,, iHeartRadio, BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport, Channel4 4oD, iTV Player, Zattoo

For those of you who are unaware of these sites, Hulu, CBS and Netflix provide full episodes of well-known TV shows across the US. But since content distribution is not permitted in other countries, these services are unavailable outside the US.

But thanks to Smart DNS, now you can easily access these services from outside the US too. It’s a US based DNS. You can configure your connection to route through Tunlr DNS. Once it’s done, you will be able to play videos on Hulu, CBS and Netflix.

Steps to configure your connection:

Microsoft Windows

1.  Open Control Panel >>Network and Internet>>Network and Sharing Center.

2.  Now, click on Manage Network Connections under the Task section.

3.  Right Click on the connection that you are using to connect to the internet. And then open Properties window (Windows might need administrative permissions to open Properties Window).

4.  Under Networking (tab)>> Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) under Connection items to open IPv4 properties.

5.  Now click and select Use the following DNS server addresses.

6.  Now you can edit your preferred and alternative DNS servers (Use the following settings).

Preferred DNS Server: or

Alternate DNS Server:

7.  Click Ok to save these settings.

8.  Disable your network connection and then enable it again. Now connect to the internet and start watching your channel.

Mac OS X

1.  Open System Preferences from the Apple menu and Click on Network. You may need to provide administrative privileges to open the lock.

2.  Choose your connected network (i.e. Wi-Fi or Ethernet) in the list on the left.

3.  Press the Advanced button in the lower right.

4.  Select the DNS tab and add the Tunlr DNS IP address using the + button in the lower left.

The first Tunlr DNS IP address is or

The second Tunlr DNS IP address is

5.  Drag the Tunlr DNS IP addresses to the top of the list.

6.  Click Apply and then OK.

7.  Restart your system and enjoy watching your favorite channels.


1.  Go to System Menu >> Preferences >> Network Connections.

2.  Choose your preferred connection under the appropriate network type (wired or wireless).

3.  Click Edit >> Select IPv4 Settings tab.

4.  If the selected method is Automatic (DHCP), change it to Automatic (DHCP) addresses only. Otherwise do not change it.

5.  In the DNS servers field put Tunlr DNS IP address (The first DNS Server: or; Alternate DNS Server:

6.  Click Apply to save your changes. You might be prompted to enter the Administrator password to commit the change.

7.  Restart your system, that’s it. Enjoy streaming content from Hulu, Netflix, and more.

This process can be regarded as legal because here you are not changing your IP address or even using a proxy for accessing these sites. You are just using a DNS server for routing purposes. It must be mentioned here that this DNS should not be configured permanently because of internet speed, stability, privacy and security reasons. For more information on how to choose an appropriate DNS, read how to speed up your Internet connection using DNS.