Have you ever updated an app on your iPhone, only to discover that the new version doesn’t quite meet your expectations? Perhaps it removed some features or options you regularly used. Fortunately, the good news is that you can actually downgrade an app without resorting to jailbreaking your iPhone.

How to Downgrade iPhone Apps Without Jailbreaking

Tip:To prevent apps from updating automatically, navigate to Settings > App Store and toggle off the “App Updates” option.

Now, let’s delve into the process of downgrading:

Apple doesn’t officially endorse downgrading apps through the App Store. Once a new version is released, it becomes the current version, and there’s no inherent way to install previous versions. But fear not, as there are some workarounds.

Third-party .ipa installer

The most common approach involves using free third-party tools such as Cydia Impactor, AltStore, etc., which enable you to install apps on your iPhone directly from .ipa files. Therefore, all you need to do is find the older version of the app in .ipa format, and you will be able to downgrade the app by installing it via these tools.

However, this workaround has certain drawbacks, including the requirement for a computer to install apps on your iPhone. Furthermore, the installed apps often have a certification validity of 7 days, making them inconvenient as they require reinstallation after the 7-day period.

Third-party app store

If you’re willing to pay for a solution, BuildStore is a convenient third-party platform that enables you to install and use apps on iOS devices not available on the official App Store.

Downgrade iPhone Apps Without Jailbreaking - Third-party app store

Unlike other third-party installers, BuildStore hosts all the listed apps on its server, making them available in a manner similar to the official App Store. This means you don’t need a computer to install apps, you won’t have the headache of finding a genuine .ipa file, and you won’t have to worry about certification expiry issues as long as you are subscribed to BuildStore.

On top of that, BuildStore allows you to access previous versions of the app, making it a convenient choice for downgrading iOS apps on iPhone. BuildStore also accepts app requests from users. If the app you’re looking for isn’t available on BuildStore, you can request it, and they usually try their best to make it available for you.

Is it safe to use BuildStore?

BuildStore assures users that all apps on their platform “MUST NOT harm the device or device owner.” They conduct internal reviews to check for malicious code and ensure overall stability. According to BuildStore, using their apps is safe for your device and your private data.

So, there you have it! While downgrading apps on iOS isn’t officially supported, these methods might just be the workaround you need. Remember to proceed with caution, follow the steps carefully, and enjoy your preferred app version on your iPhone.

Disclaimer:This article is intended solely as a knowledge base for downgrading apps on non-jailbroken iOS and iPadOS devices. 7labs is not liable for any misuse of the information provided herein.