When it comes to presentation tools, PowerPoint is a classic. It has been around for decades now and is widely used by organizations and individuals around the world. The beauty of PowerPoint is that it’s used by professionals of all levels in a company. The tool helps in communicating information clearly and in an attractive fashion. With the advent of marketing and business communication, companies have started leveraging PowerPoint presentations as their first point of contact with potential customers and stakeholders. Pitching the working and services offered by your organization to prospects in a detailed manner, can all be achieved by an amazing PowerPoint presentation. If done right, your PowerPoint presentation can attract more clients and bring-in business.

SlideModel: An All-inclusive Productivity Resource for Professional PowerPoint Templates

One should know that there are over 30 million PowerPoint presentations created every single day. Entrepreneurs, sales managers and business owners often interact with an audience that is accustomed to attending several presentations and pitches throughout a week. There is no denying that PowerPoint is a powerful tool when it comes to creating presentations. But, to stand out from the crowd, you need much more than an ordinary presentation. Using ready to use professionally-designed presentation templates can help you create engaging PowerPoint presentations. These templates help your presentation in unimaginable ways. You can leverage great professional graphic design with a readymade template while it helps with your organization’s branding. It is incredibly fast to create a PowerPoint presentation when you have got a template ready. Consistency and quick customization are added benefits.

What is SlideModel?

SlideModel.com is one of the biggest readymade PowerPoint template providers for professional presentations. The website has maintained a huge repository of out-of-the-box templates for your next presentations. These templates and slide designs can be a show-stopper for any presentation. The templates are crafted by expert designers incorporating an attractive and flexible design. It doesn’t matter if you’re a businessman, a student or an educator, SlideModel has over 20,000 templates for everybody and a fast-growing catalog of 100% editable designs. The platform offers templates for every industry niche. You can simply stroll over to SlideModel.com & can download your favorite template and further import it in your presentation. Each and every template speaks for itself. You can easily edit these templates to suit your professional and personal needs.

Business Slide Deck for PowerPoint by SlideModel

Source: Business Slide Deck for PowerPoint by SlideModel

The lucrative pool of templates is ever-growing. SlideModel updates its collection of templates with breathtaking designs very frequently. The website has dedicated categories for templates such as Business templates, Strategy PowerPoint templates, PowerPoint backgrounds and many more. The website is user-friendly. You can simply find a desirable template by searching it for relevant keywords. Some of the latest hit templates on SlideModel.com covers business slide decks or also business model diagrams such as OODA Loop, 5-Step Horizontal Curved Process Diagram, SWOT designs, mind maps, flow charts or presentation templates for Data Governance Strategy topics. You can find templates for almost every presentation topic out there. Your presentation can only be engaging if it encompasses the great design and makes it easy for your audience to digest the facts.

Let’s move ahead and know how SlideModel helps you create a state of the art PowerPoint presentations:

Business Ready Templates

To achieve success with your pitch, it’s imperative that you create a corporate-level presentation that is crafted for business results. Your presentation need might be immediate or you might not have a good grasp on PowerPoint tools. Well, you can always use a business template specifically crafted for your subject matter. Not only this will save you ample time and resources, but you can attract your C-level audience much better than before.

Morph PowerPoint template by SlideModel

Source: Morph PowerPoint template by SlideModel

SlideModel offers agile business templates that can be leveraged to have an everlasting effect on your audience. Templates such as SWOT analysis, PESTEL, Accountability Ladder, Value Innovation Model, Gauge Sentiment Analysis, 70-20-10 Approach To Learning are all hugely acclaimed. Wondering about how to create a pitch deck? SlideModel has numerous in-house pitch templates ready for you and articles covering how to prepare an effective Pitch Deck or how to use some of the editable templates available.

100% Editable Presentation Designs

For a presentation to be persuasive and powerful, it should be able to connect with your viewers emotionally and intellectually. Great presentations provide vital information on a subject matter which your audience really cares about. Slides should contain targeted content to which your audience can relate to. For that, you should be able to personalize and customize your slides. Each and every template on SlideModel is fully editable.

Fishbowl Shape for PowerPoint by SlideModel

Source: Fishbowl Shape for PowerPoint by SlideModel

You can easily change shape, size, background, the color of slide elements along with typography, contrast and much more. Addressing your audience’s unique concerns and interests will make your presentation a success. In marketplaces crowded with tons of pitches and PowerPoint presentations, personalization can be your way up. Brands can establish a long-lasting connection with their audience through meaningful interactions.

Graphs, Charts and Diagrams

A picture speaks a thousand words. The primary reason the human brain appeals more to charts and graphs is because of our natural affinity to use visuals for communication. Including appropriate graphs, charts and diagrams in a presentation can do wonders for you.

1-Page Business Plan Template by SlideModel

Source: 1-Page Business Plan Template by SlideModel

When you back your figures and facts with corresponding charts or tables, your presentation tends to become more impactful. It will carry such a great visual appeal that your audience will be able to attune better to the data. SlideModel templates come handy with pre-packed line graphs, bar graphs, infographics, pie charts, diagrams and much more. These readymade templates provide a soul to the raw data by making information compact, concise and consistent. When data is presented through easy to understand charts and graphs, it gets easier for your viewers to make an assessment and compare data.

Platform Independent

Templates by SlideModel are not just limited to Microsoft PowerPoint. You can easily use these templates on leading presentation software such as Google Slides, Apple Keynote etc. You can even import a template and its content into another without worrying about the design. No matter the platform, these templates always encompass pitch-perfect design. For corporate presenters, you can easily import these templates in Google Slides and start creating a presentation with your peers over the cloud. This boosts the collaboration and productivity of an organization as a whole. SlideModel is a great resource and can be your one-stop destination for exquisite PowerPoint templates.

Value Creation Diagram for PowerPoint by SlideModel

Source: Value Creation Diagram for PowerPoint by SlideModel

Next time you need to prepare a presentation, be it for business or education, remember that SlideModel has great presentation designs available that can make your life easier. Combine elegant slides with your content and rehearse your speech, the chances your presentation is a success will be higher.

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