Location-based games like Pokemon Go rely on your real-world movement to proceed in the game. But sometimes, especially because of the current pandemic situation, players might prefer to play from the comfort of their homes.

On iOS, there are more than a few ways you can spoof your location in games like Pokemon Go. Many of these solutions either require jailbreaking your iPhone and installing tweaked apps or using hardware GPS spoofers to simulate location on the device.

With jailbreak and tweaks, there’s always the risk of compromising the device’s security and voiding its warranty. Tweaks may also have malicious code unless it’s installed from a trusted repository. And if you don’t need to spoof your location regularly on your iPhone, you might not prefer to invest in hardware-based GPS spoofers as well.

In this article, we’ll review a desktop-based iOS location spoofing solution, which can be used to spoof your location in Pokemon Go without jailbreak, tweaks, or hardware GPS devices. The utility is called iMyFone AnyTo, which is available for macOS and Windows.

Using iMyFone AnyTo to simulate location on iPhone

AnyTo lets you easily simulate any location on your iPhone over a USB connection. The Windows version of AnyTo supports location simulation on both iOS and Android devices, while the macOS version supports only iOS devices.

Spoof GPS on iPhone, iPad without jailbreak [with computer] - iMyFone AnyTo

Once the app is installed, connect your iPhone to your computer via USB and launch the app. Click on Get Started after checking the disclaimer to proceed, and AnyTo will automatically detect the connected device. Ensure that your iPhone is unlocked and that you Trust This Computer when prompted. If you don’t see the prompt on your device, disconnect and reconnect the USB cable.

On successful connection, you’ll be taken to the Map interface in the AnyTo desktop app. This is where you can search and pin locations, as well as plan the virtual movements that you want to simulate on the connected iPhone. Any movement you simulate in the map on the AnyTo app will be reflected system-wide on your connected iPhone. Thus, if you launch Pokemon Go on your iPhone, any location switch or movement you simulate using AnyTo will reflect real-time within the game.

The search from the top-left of the AnyTo UI lets you search and pin different location spots on the map, or enter GPS coordinates to select the location. You can also create routes, select your speed and movement patterns in this panel. In the bottom-right corner, there are a few controls for the map. You can quickly go to the current location of your device, or zoom in and zoom-out on the map to adjust the viewing area.

Key Features of iMyFone AnyTo

Teleport Mode

AnyTo’s Teleport Mode allows you to instantly move to another location of your choice. Here’s how to use Teleport Mode.

  1. To select Teleport Mode, click on the Teleport button from the top-right corner (third one in the group).
  2. To select a destination location, click on a position on the map, or search the location in the search bar. With the location selected, you can see the approximate distance between your current and teleported location.
  3. To move to the destination instantly, click on the Move button.

Your character in Pokemon Go should instantly jump to the new location.

Two-spot Mode

In two-spot mode, you can simulate movement from point A to point B on the map at a specified speed.

  1. To select Two-spot Mode, click on the Two-spot button from the top-right corner (first one in the group).
  2. Select the start and end positions on the map.
  3. Set the number of Times you want to simulate the movement. If Times is set to be greater than 1, you can choose whether to Loop or Return. In Loop mode, your location instantly warps to the starting position on reaching the destination and continues. In Return mode, your location will reverse the route on reaching the destination and returns back towards the starting point.
  4. Drag the Speed bar to customize your speed of movement.
  5. Finally, click the Move button to simulate the movement on your device.

Multi-spot Mode

In Multi-spot Mode, you can set up a custom route between the source and destination locations, having multiple reference points in between.

  1. To select Multi-spot Mode, click on the Multi-spot button from the top-right corner (second one in the group).
  2. Select the different spots one by one on the map that you want to pass by. Alternatively, search the address or GPS coordinates to set the spots.
  3. Set the Times and Speed parameters to customize your simulated movement.
  4. Finally, click on the Move button to apply the location change on your device.

Circle Route

When using the Multi-spot mode, if the start and end points are nearby on the map, AnyTo will ask you whether you want to create a Circle Route. In a Circle Route, the start and end points on the map are merged, to create a single continuous loop route.

Realistic Mode

In Realistic Mode, the movement in Two-spot and Multi-spot modes will be simulated in such a way that the moving speed will randomly vary in the upper or lower 30% of the selected speed range. The speed varies every 5 seconds.

Collect Route

In Multi-spot mode, you can save your favorite routes by clicking on the Star icon next to a specific spot or route. You can later access your saved routes by clicking on the Location History button from the top-right corner (last one in the group) and navigating to the Saved Routes tab. You can even access your saved spots in the Saved Spots tab.

When you’re done with location simulation, you can close the AnyTo app on your computer. To reset your device location to its real GPS coordinates, you can restart it. AnyTo will prompt you to perform the restart operation for you before the program quits. Once the device restarts, your original location should be restored.

AnyTo Pricing

AnyTo is available as a Most of AnyTo’s features can be tried for free a limited number of times. The trial should give you enough tries to test its features, and decide if it’s right for you. If the software satisfies your expectation and you want to continue using AnyTo beyond the trial limitations, you can purchase the full version.

iMyFone AnyTo is available in three different pricing plans. All plans include software updates for as long as they are active.


In our tests, AnyTo for iPhone was successfully able to spoof the location in Pokemon Go, and the features described above worked quite reliably. Usually, any unrealistic movement like teleportation might lead to account suspension, but features like Realistic Mode help to minimize such risks.

Also, you could leverage the Circle Route feature for hatching eggs in Pokemon Go; as incubation relies on your walking, you can simulate a circular movement in AnyTo to reach the target distance for hatching.